Welcome to the Welsh Orthopaedic Society

The Welsh Orthopaedic Society was formed in 1987 and is an important forum for Welsh Orthopaedic Surgeons.

As the number of Orthopaedic Surgeons continues to increase, the Welsh Orthopaedic Society will remain a focus for the discussion of orthopaedic research and teaching issues in the Principality. The Society facilitates communication between North and South Wales and our colleagues working in other parts of the United Kingdom. We have strong links with our colleagues in England, Ireland and Scotland.

Annual Meeting 2018

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Role Of Society

The aims of the Welsh Orthopaedic Society are to promote and direct the development of orthopaedic surgery, to foster and co-ordinate education, study and research in orthopaedic surgery, and to disseminate knowledge of orthopaedic surgery among members of the Medical and allied health professions. Read more…

Executive Officers

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There is a remarkable link between the origins of modern orthopaedics in the UK (and subsequently in North America) and what happened in Anglesey in the 18th century. The north Anglesey coastline is treacherous. A shipwreck occurred one stormy night between 1730 and 1745. There were only 2 survivors – 2 young boys. Read more…